Belonging & Baptism


Belonging to a church comes in various forms and ways! Everyone is welcome to participate and be involved in Growing Life-Long Disciples of Christ at Samford Valley Community Church!

How can I belong at Samford Valley Community Church?

If you would like to learn more about partnering us in our worship and mission, perhaps consider taking steps to become a member. To start this journey, please fill out a Connect Card found in the foyer or speak to one of our welcome team members. You can also ask for a copy of our ‘Membership in the Uniting Church: Belonging & Baptism’ document.

If you have recently made the decision to follow Jesus Christ, baptism is one of the most meaningful next steps you can take. Baptism is a public celebration of your decision to follow Christ.

What do followers of Christ Believe?


We believe in God as the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. They are all one God and are joined together into what we call the Trinity. As a fully devoted follower of Christ, you are a new creation made to live for Him. For more information about our core beliefs, ask one of our welcome team members for a ‘Belong’ booklet.

How do I grow my faith?

God wants to have a relationship with us and He’s given us ways to know Him better. As we get to know God, we better understand His plan for us and we can strive to be more like Jesus. One way to grow in your faith is to join a small group where you can study the Bible with other Christians and have the opportunity to find encouragement and support.


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44 Mount Glorious Road, Samford Village, 4520

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9:00am, 06:00pm

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